SM City Cebu

My favorite all-time tambayan, suroyanan, hideaway. This is one of the reasons why I flunked some of my subjects in school! Haha, okay enough with the blame game. More »

Lapu-Lapu Shrine in Mactan

I and my friends went to Lapu-Lapu Shrine in Mactan, Cebu. Location and map of the Lapu-Lapu Shrine, just below this page. More »

Breakfast at Apurado

I had to try out Apurado. I don’t usually eat at malls because of the prices. I had to do it, so I can have something to write about in this blog. Haha. More »


Cebu Lumpia House at City Soho Mall

My first to eat at Lumpia House’s outlet in City Soho Mall, specifically located in the second floor.

The best thing why I enjoyed it because I was with my friends, and with two new beautiful female friends. 😀

Another best reason why. I did not spend a centavo, my friend Meynard who loves to treat his friends paid it all.

We ordered ngohiong, a famous street food delicacy in Cebu. Ngohiong is P8.00 each.
cebu lumpia house

I’m not really a fan of fresh lumpia, but I still ate this. This is P25.00 each.
cebu lumpia house

The Cebu Lumpia House price list.
cebu lumpia house

I’ve just met these two pretty ladies through my friends on the right and another friend (not in photo)
cebu lumpia house

Cebu Lumpia House outlet at the second floor of Soho Mall. There are several food outlet in this floor. This mall is owned by a Gaisano company.
cebu lumpia house

We sat beside the window or glass wall. The road that you see is B. Rodriguez street.
cebu lumpia house

The location map of Cebu Lumpia House or Soho Mall. Soho Mall is located in B. Rodriguez St. You can take the Englis jeeps to get there.

Their main address is at 262 Manalili St. Cebu City. Their landline number is (032) 254 4675

Soda Cafe, a unique and weird tea shop in Cebu City

I had no idea what awaited me inside this tea shop, I didn’t even know that it was a tea shop. I was expecting coffee. Although, they do serve coffee, but I ordered a tea, but a different type of tea, because it got me curious. More of that later.

Then when I got inside, boom! I saw a large pink teddy bear! Plus other pink and red colours.


Look at that unassuming coffee shop, I’m so excited to drink a mug of coffee!
soda cafe cebu city


And…tadaaaa! A big pink teddy bear! I thought I entered a wrong room! Not only that. There are so many girls and children. I saw a few adults, that kind of assured me a bit hehe.
soda cafe cebu city


Since naa naman ko diri and it’s also my first time, I just went straight to the counter and just order that coffee. But I could not find coffee in the menu board. I see shakes and milktea. Blended or cold milktea.
soda cafe cebu city

Pizza, cake and sandwich. Finally I can see coffee, but only two types of coffee. I asked for a hot tea, and they have only two as well, Bloom Rose tea and Bloom Chrysanthem, both for P120. Both names are new to my ears, but I just ordered the Bloom Rose.
soda cafe cebu city

I’m not exactly sure what these others are – milktea or fruit shake?
soda cafe cebu city


Here is the Bloom Rose tea, it’s my first to drink this type of tea, and I didn’t expect to see this. I was expecting the typical tea bag, dangling on the hot water.
soda cafe cebu city


They’re real roses! That tiny cup with the roses inside has holes in the bottom.
soda cafe cebu city


This is the cubicle I chose, I was a bit hesitant to get in. It has feminine colours and female objects on the table. But the other empty cubicles are similar to this one.
soda cafe cebu city

Oh, they’re headbands with a Minnie Mouse ribbon hahaha.
soda cafe cebu city

I just put this one while I’m drinking my hot Bloom Rose tea. What a perfect pair, indeed!
soda cafe cebu city


The biggest pink teddy bear of them all. At the back of it are pillow dolls and bears are ready to gang up on intimidated men.
soda cafe cebu city


If you want to go here alone, prepare at least P200 pesos. If you’re on a date, have P1,000 in your wallet to impress your girl!


Soda Cafe is located in Raintree Mall in General Maxilom (Mango Avenue)
Their Facebook page:
Contact number:  0922 864 7999

Eating Lunch at Handuraw Pizza

Although, Handuraw is known for its delicious pizza, I didn’t eat one. I ordered a Chicken Cacciatore because I was curious by the name. I like to taste foods especially if it has a not-so-familiar name.
handuraw cebu mango square

I chose Green Mango Shake to pair with my tasty chicken meal. The reddish sauce is tomato, one of the reasons why I also ordered it. Tomatoes are good for the skin, making me look younger. 😀
handuraw cebu mango square

You maybe wondering about what the word Handuraw means. So I quote on how the owners define it:

Handuraw is pronounced as han-doo-rau and was coined by the family’s matriarch Becky Pestaño Smith as a result of looking for an old Cebuano word that would embody vision, and creativity. It is the Cebuano word for “the power to imagine.”

This Haduraw outlet is located in the ground floor of Mango Square Mall in General Maxilom (formerly Mango Avenue).
handuraw cebu mango square

The beverage price list of Handuraw Pizza. The green mango shake is P78.00
handuraw cebu mango square

The rice meal price list. Chicken cacciatore is P128.00
handuraw cebu mango square

So if you haven’t tried it here, prepare maybe 200 pesos for one.

Handuraw also do deliveries. Just contact them for more inquiries.
G/F Mango Square cor Juana Osmeña St. and Gen. Maxilom Ave., Camputhaw, Cebu City, Philippines
Open Daily from 10AM to 12MN.
Branch Amenities: Beer Below Zero, Live Local Acoustic Music, WiFi, Function Area
Tel. No. (032) 410 7491 / (0920) 958 1627

Yes, they have a website!

Video: Sinulog Crowd in random areas in Cebu City

Sinulog crowd last January 17, shot randomly in different areas or streets of Cebu. It starts in Jones Avenue, then Fuente Osmeña, then Mango Avenue and Baseline, then back to Mango.

Watch it below.

Random Sinulog photos

Photos shot last Sinulog in January 17, 2016. This is my first Sinulog photos. If you want to see other Sinulog photos on this website, you can. Just see below in the Related Articles or Photos.



Tattoo artists are one of the most common vendors you see every Sinulog. Price starts at 40 pesos.Cebu City Sinulog


Printed shirts for sale at Colon Street near Colonnade Mall.
Cebu City Sinulog


This shop also sells printed shirts, this is along Jones Avenue.
Cebu City Sinulog


Girl had hair sprayed with a green colour. I think this costs 20 pesos.
Cebu City Sinulog


Sinulog is also some women’s chance to show off some skin. Look at her, she’s holding an Emperador.
Cebu City Sinulog


One of my few street dancers photos.
Cebu City Sinulog


This man had his arm tattooed with a henna ink.Cebu City Sinulog


7-11 along Jones Avenue.Cebu City Sinulog


A Philippine Red Cross ambulance, on stand-by for any medical emergencies that might happen within the day of the Sinulog.Cebu City Sinulog

Video: Crazy kids dancing during Sinulog

I chanced upon these kids dancing some weird form, some call this as “budots”

Cebu Technological University

cebu technological university

I used to have a classmate back in college in 1990 who graduated from Cebu State College of Science and Technology (CSCST). When I asked what school he graduated from he replied, “CSAT”.

Although CSCST was its acronym at the time, it’s prior acronym was CSAT which means Cebu School of Arts and Trade. Most likely students then called it CSAT because it’s easier to remember and pronounced.

Presently, its name is Cebu Technological University through Republic Act 9744 under president Arroyo. CTU is a government-owned institution, just like UP.

Cebu Technological University tidbit facts:
1. Founded in 1911.
2. Became CTU in November, 10 2009
3. Converted CSAT into Cebu State College of Science and Technology (CSCST) on June 10, 1983

Contact information:

Telephone Number:
(6332) 412-1399
(6332) 412-1399


Physical or postal address:
R. Palma St., Cebu City
Philippines 6000

Location map:

SM Seaside City – video

This is the man’s eyeview version of SM Seaside City.

Below is the bird’s eyeview. I posted this in my article about Seaside City.

Unique People during the Sinulog 2016

I’m not really interested in taking photos of the street dancers. Kung sa Cebuano pa, gas-gas na hehe.

What I did was take photos of unique and unusual people, well at least in my opinion. These people may not be unique for you. I only took a few since I also have other plans that day. But I hope to add more in the next Sinulog.

While walking along Jones Avenue, I saw this Clash of Clan character. He posed with his Akrho hand sign.
Sinulog Cebu photos

This guy was game when I asked him if I could take a picture of him.
Sinulog Cebu photos

When this float arrived at the Fuente Osmeña circle, people were ecstatic, especially the children. Below is Kylo Ren, Star Wars latest main villain.
Sinulog Cebu photos

Well, everyone’s favorite character, Chewbacca or Chewie if you dont want the mouthful name.
Sinulog Cebu photos

Richard Guttierez, well he is unique since very few men are imbued with handsome looks hehe.
Sinulog Cebu photos

The face alone of this comedian Poo, is quiet unique. He became famous when he played the Pacquiao character in Wowowee, a defunct noontime television show.
Sinulog Cebu photos

I just find this boy’s hair cute, and of course unusual, he is probably the only human being with that hair in this part of Cebu City.
Sinulog Cebu photos

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos.

How to Survive the Deadly Sinulog Crowd

I’m not exaggerating. The Sinulog crowd in some areas especially in Mango Avenue could literally turn into a deadly stampede. It already happened, almost every Sinulog.

Although, I still have to hear a report of death, but some were hurt especially children.

Last January 17, I was in front of Robinsons in Mango, near the pedestrian overpass. People were pushing and pulling. I believe some people with crooked intentions deliberately do this either to pass through easily or so they could get the chance to steal some valuables such as cellphones and money.

Sinulog crowd
At Mango Avenue, in front of Mercury Drug.

How to survive the Sinulog crowd?
1. Better stay home. This is the surest way for you to live longer.
2. Avoid the areas were the parade would pass by. Surely, there are huge volume of people cramping up.
Specifically, avoid Jones Avenue and Mango Avenue.
3. Do not walk on the middle of the street, the throngs of people are there, and the volume would increase at noon down to the evening, especially in Mango Avenue. Better walk on the sidewalk, closer to the wall of commercial establishments.
4. Do not bring your expensive gadgets or large amount of money. If you do, better put them in the inner part of your clothes if it has secret pockets.

Sinulog crowd
At Mango Avenue, in front of Jollibee, near National Bookstore. Group of police guarding. Thanks to them.

I really thought I would die in a mini stampeded last Sunday. After I made out safe, I was shaking. Checked my camera bag. Thank God, nothing was missing or broken.

Sinulog crowd
At Jones Avenue, around 8 in the morning.