Buenaventura Rodriguez

B. Rodriguez Cebu City

So the street B. Rodriguez was named after Buenaventura Rodriguez?

According to Cebuano Studies Center:

Buenaventura Rodriguez, a native of Cebu, was a renowned playwright, journalist, stage actor and a distinguished politician.

He was one of the more recognized dramatists in the Sugbuhanon dialect. He wrote the play, El Muñeco Roto which was performed by the Compañia de Zarzuela Española in 1915. A noted writer and politician from Cebu, Manuel Briones, believed that another play by Rodriguez entitled El Mal se Aprende was a spiritual event.

In 1937, Buenaventura Rodriguez was elected as governer of Cebu.

In 1940, his play La Adjusta Leja de la Vaguada was made into movie.

He was also recipient of the Premio Zobel in 1924 for his novel La Pugna.

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