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Thirsty? Juices and Shakes

This Thirsty? cart is located inside Ayala Center Cebu, in the second level, me thinks.

Me and my friends used to plan of getting a Thirsty? franchise more than 10 years ago. The last time we heard, the franchise fee was about 150,000. The original owner of the business also was the Osmeñas, forgot which clan.


Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
I’m a fan of Thirsty. Whenever I’m in Manila or go back home to my hometown in Iligan, I make sure to sip a Thirsty shake.

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
I always get the regular size (45) cup.

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
Shot from the bench I was sitting on.

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
Here is my Thirsty? shake!

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
Apples and oranges.

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
They also have shakes for the health freak.

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
The prices of the shakes are too steep for me, that’s why I seldom get one, I think I only tried it once. Maybe I’ll get one once in a while, because of its health benefits.

Fro-Yo Craze in Paseo Arcenas

I found another frozen yogurt stall in Paseo Arcenas in Banawa. Lately, I noticed several frozen yogurt stalls sprouting everywhere in Cebu.

I’m still not sure if Fro-Yo is a Cebuano brand, but my instinct is saying it is originally Cebuano.

So far, Fro-Yo Craze is the cheapest. Their basic small yogurt starts at 70 pesos. Other froyo stalls starts at 75 pesos.

My business mind is telling me ‘there could be a generic branded yogurt manufactured by a bigger company selling it to small-sized businesses.’ Then the smaller companies will sell it as their own under their own brand.

Fro-Yo Craze Cebu City
Fro-Yo Craze stall.

Fro-Yo Craze Cebu City
The size view of the Fro-Yo Craze stall.

Fro-Yo Craze Cebu City
The Fro-Yo toppings.

Fro-Yo Craze Cebu City
The price list of Fro-Yo. Small size starts at 70 pesos.

Fro-Yo Craze Cebu City
The lady vendor ready to give my petite yogurt.

Fro-Yo Craze Cebu City
My yogurt with mango, peach and Oreo toppings.

Casino Alcohol

Casino Rubbing Alcohol is manufactured by IPI or International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. IPI is a Cebu based company, located in Juan Luna Ave., Mabolo.

Orange Brutus in SM City Cebu

Orange Brutus is a Cebuano owned fast food chain put up in 1980, about the same year when Jollibee was created.

According to the Orange Brutus website, it is the first hamburger chain in Cebu. I always thought it was a Manila brand.

Rattan Tricycle in Consolacion

A friend of mine got this photo while heading to his office. He attempted to pose inside this unique rattan made tricycle, but he was almost late for work.

Bo’s Coffee Club at Ayala Center Cebu

I was out having coffee at Bo’s Coffee Club at Ayala Center Cebu.

I urge Cebuanos or Visayans to support local products. Bo’s Coffee Club is owned by Cebuanos. Thirsty Fruit Shakes are owned by Ilonggos living in Cebu.