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SM City Cebu

Wow, SM City Cebu! My favorite all-time tambayan, suroyanan, hideaway. This is one of the reasons why I flunked some of my subjects in school! Haha, okay enough with the blame game.

SM Cebu City
At the vehicle entrance, in the jeepney parking area.

SM City Cebu opened in November of 1993. After its opening,other malls such as Gaisano Country Mall and other older department stores in Colon had lost its  popularity amongst Cebuanos.

SM Cebu City
At the topmost floor.

SM City Cebu is the first SM mall branch outside of Metro Manila.

SM Cebu City
Overlooking at the ground floor or basement.

Currently, the fourth largest mall in the Philippines.

SM Cebu City
Going up to the top floor.

SM Cebu City
At the bowling center, located in the top floor.

SM Cebu City
Shot in the first level.

SM Cebu City
On the left is the spiral stairs, located in the middle of SM City.

Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu

The building that Radisson Blue Hotel now stands was basically finished more than a decade ago. It was idle for many years for a number reasons.

First reason I heard was the building is not structurally safe. The structure is too heavy for the lot.

Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu City

Then, I read in the news, it was because of the financial crisis that hit Asia back in the late 1990s.

I also read that SM Investments could not find suitable partner to manage a hotel with 5 star hotel expertise.

Radisson Blue Hotel Cebu City
Radisson Blue is considered to be the first 5-star hotel in Cebu City.

This hotel has 400 rooms and suites.

Radisson Blue Hotel Cebu City
Radisson Blu is located just beside SM City Cebu.

Contact information:
Serging Osmeña Boulevard
corner Juan Luna Avenue
Cebu City, Philippines 6000

Tel: +63 (32) 402 9900
Tel: +63 (32) 505 1700
Fax: +63 (32) 402 9999

CIFC Tower

CIFC Towers Cebu City Philippines

This commercial building is located in front of SM City Cebu, and is designed by Archt. Arsenio Abella.

Cebu International Finance Corporation or better known as CIFC has office spaces available for rent to businesses or other organizations.

I was a huge admirer of the design of this building, it was unique when I first saw it in the mid 1990s.

Address and contact information of CIFC:
Juan Luna Avenue Extension
Cebu City, Philippines
032 232 4403

Here is the location map of CIFC Tower:

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Gimik Barkada KTV

If you were expecting a KTV with underdressed sexy women, well you go search again in Google :D. Gimik Barkada KTV is also a family music lounge. So basically, this place is for everyone.

My barkada went out to show off our singing voice, but only for us to hear though.

Gimik KTV
The Gimik Barkada KTV sign outside. This ktv joint is located in Mango Square Gen. Maxilom Avenue.

Gimik KTV Cebu
I personally don’t like their entrance, it’s so dark. Probably they’re cutting costs. 😀

Gimik KTV Cebu
The hallway, leading to the ktv rooms. We transferred to another room because of the smell of smoke left by those who first occupied.

Gimik KTV Cebu
Hey, I did not sing this song ha.

Gimik KTV Cebu
Ako ning barkada nag kanta.

Gimik KTV
After our singing session, this was past 10:00 pm na.

Overall, this ktv joint is good, not too expensive and not too cheap either. Just prepare about 500 pesos for the rest of your barkada.

Gimik KTV’s contact number is 032-2530129

Ayala Center Cebu’s Spiral Stairs

Well, not really a full spiral stairs, I just lacked for words to call this part of Ayala Center Cebu.

This area of the mall is where I stay if I wait for somebody, a friend or aheem – date.

Ayala Center Cebu
With this shot, I waited for my male barkadas dili chick ha. 😀

Caesar’s Foodland

Caesar’s Foodland used to be the most popular grocery store in this side of Cebu City during the 1990s. But after Gaisano Country Mall was built, and a few other malls like Banilad Town Center and even Ayala Center Cebu, it forced to close shop.

But there are rumors circulating that Foodland would reopen. Let’s wait and see.

Caesar's Foodland Cebu City
Burlogi and Wealthbank.

The Wineshop

Wineshop Cebu

I’m not really a wine drinker, but I passed by this wine shop located along Gorordo Avenue.

I have not entered inside this establishment yet. It looks intimidating, but hopefully I experience this place in the near future.

The Wineshop sells imported wines, and is also a restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Reviews I read online is mixed, some like Wineshop, and a few don’t.

Address: Gorordo Avenue, near Golden Peak Hotel.
Contact: +639216443436, (032) 254-6780

Oh Cebu Pagkatahum Mo Kaniadto

Feel nostalgic with this Cebuano melancholic song while watching the old photos about Cebu City.

The title of this post is based on the video posted by the original user, myaspa. I’m not sure if the title of this song “Oh Cebu Pagkatahum Mo Kaniadto”, probably it’s just the video.

Here is the lyrics of the song:

Pagkapait diay nga bation ning dughan
Diin ang gugma ta way kagawasan
Apan angkonon kong katungod sa paghalad
Halaran ko ikaw bisan sa damgo lang

Pagkatam-is unta nga bation
Kon wala pay utlanan ang gugma
Ang imong pahiyom magpabilin ning dughan
Handumon ko gayud, bisan sa damgo lang…

Gaisano Capital South

Gaisano Capital’s former name was Gaisano South Colon.

I used to work here in 2000, but only for five months. I was assigned in the Engineering Department, but my task was architectural. I draw the plans given to us by our head architect, I also do minor designs.

I enjoyed my time there, but the salary just would not let stay longer, so I had to find another work, which was graphic design related.

Gaisano Cebu City
The main entrance of Gaisano Capital.

Gaisano Cebu City
The side entrance, or the Leon Kilat entrance.

Gaisano Cebu City
Leon Kilat street side of Gaisano Capital.

Gaisano Cebu City
Ground floor, perfume stalls.

Gaisano Cebu City
Ground floor, miscellaneous stalls.

Gaisano Cebu City
Ground floor, miscellaneous stalls. Kawat-kawat lang pag shoot, kay dili pwede mag shoot inside the mall.

Gaisano Cebu City
Games area, at the upper floor.

JY Square Discovery Mall

JY Square Discovery Mall was originally known as simply JY Square. It used to be just a grocery store. The management decided to convert it to a mall to go with the changing times.

Contact information about JY Square:
Main Address : JY Commercial Complex
No. 1 Salinas Drive, Lahug,Cebu City 6000 Philippines
Contact Nos. : (+6332) 417-2378

The first photo is from leylander. I somehow lost my exterior shots of JY Square Mall, surely due to constant transferring of files from one hard drive to another.

I’m still saving up for a laptop, so I just used my sister’s, then when my sister went abroad, I had to transfer my files to the family computer (not the game gadget :D).

JY Square Mall Cebu City
Photo credits to leylander for this photo. The rest below are mine.

JY Square Mall Cebu City
The parking area of JY Square.

JY Square Mall Cebu City
Middle aisle stalls or stores.

JY Square Mall Cebu City
Clothes and accessories stores for girlaloos at the upper floor.

JY Square Mall Cebu City
Coach Pacquiao Fitness Center at the second floor.

JY Square Mall Cebu City
Coach Pacquiao Fitness Center telephone number: 234-2811

JY Square Mall Cebu City
Shot at the first floor, close to the aisle stalls.

JY Square Mall Cebu City
To compensate my hardwork of taking photos illegally inside JY, hahaha…

JY Square Mall Cebu City
I had to make quick shots so guards won’t see me.