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usc talamban campus

University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus

I personally spent 7 years here in University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus as a B.S. Architecture student. Although, Architecture is only 5 years, but because I “liked” going to school, so I extended 2 years.

Everyone could get a bit of nostalgia everytime we see images of places we used to spend a lot time, and our school is one of those places.

The USC – Talamban Campus is 79 hectares in size, where Engineering, Architecture and Science courses are offered.

university of san carlos downtown main

University of San Carlos – Downtown Campus photos

The oldest college institution in Asia which was founded in 1595 by the Jesuits. Although USC only got its university status in 1948.

It’s a privilege and blessed to be part of this record-setting institution when I first set foot here in 1990. This school not only set records in terms of oldest school in Asia and similar accomplishments, it also regularly setting records academically.

Cebu Technological University

cebu technological university

I used to have a classmate back in college in 1990 who graduated from Cebu State College of Science and Technology (CSCST). When I asked what school he graduated from he replied, “CSAT”.

Although CSCST was its acronym at the time, it’s prior acronym was CSAT which means Cebu School of Arts and Trade. Most likely students then called it CSAT because it’s easier to remember and pronounced.

Presently, its name is Cebu Technological University through Republic Act 9744 under president Arroyo. CTU is a government-owned institution, just like UP.

Cebu Technological University tidbit facts:
1. Founded in 1911.
2. Became CTU in November, 10 2009
3. Converted CSAT into Cebu State College of Science and Technology (CSCST) on June 10, 1983

Contact information:

Telephone Number:
(6332) 412-1399
(6332) 412-1399


Physical or postal address:
R. Palma St., Cebu City
Philippines 6000

Location map:

Old Abellana School photo

“School Days”

Here is an old picture of Cebu City Central School or famously known as Abellana Elementary School, or simply Abellana.

cebu central school photo

Cebu Normal University Mural

I was planning to go to Robinson’s in the Uptown area. I was walking in an alley going towards Pelaez St., and when i was there, I saw the mural paintings that adorned the fences of Cebu Normal University. I did not pass up the chance to record the work of art, so i had to get my Nikon D40 out.

University of San Carlos Main Campus

This is the exterior photos of my alma mater, University of San Carlos. I first step on the floors of this campus in the year 1990. Now you have an idea of my young age. Hahaha.

Banilad Cebu City

Much has changed since i first set foot here in 1990 as a fifteen year old USC-TC freshman. I lived in a boarding house just about a hundred meters away from University of San Carlos Talamban Campus.