Cebu Province to implement Curfew

magpale curfew

The Cebu provincial board have unanimously approved on May 23, the resolution stating that a 10 pm curfew for minors, to take effect on June 30.

According to the resolution: “minors do not have any reason to stay in the streets beyond 10 in the evening unless they are accompanied by their parents and relatives for certain occasion.”

at this time (10 pm onwards), some minors can be spotted drinking with their peers and some are alarmingly smoking marijuana or, worse, other illegal substances.”

Vice Gov. Agnes Magpale gave her support the Provincial Board’s resolution, “I personally support the resolution especially that a lot of minors are being used in illegal activities. We could help these minors because we have a facility for them,” said Magpale. She is known to champion the welfare of children as one of her advocacies.

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