Fro-Yo Craze in Paseo Arcenas

I found another frozen yogurt stall in Paseo Arcenas in Banawa. Lately, I noticed several frozen yogurt stalls sprouting everywhere in Cebu.

I’m still not sure if Fro-Yo is a Cebuano brand, but my instinct is saying it is originally Cebuano.

So far, Fro-Yo Craze is the cheapest. Their basic small yogurt starts at 70 pesos. Other froyo stalls starts at 75 pesos.

My business mind is telling me ‘there could be a generic branded yogurt manufactured by a bigger company selling it to small-sized businesses.’ Then the smaller companies will sell it as their own under their own brand.

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Fro-Yo Craze Cebu City
Fro-Yo Craze stall.

Fro-Yo Craze Cebu City
The size view of the Fro-Yo Craze stall.

Fro-Yo Craze Cebu City
The Fro-Yo toppings.

Fro-Yo Craze Cebu City
The price list of Fro-Yo. Small size starts at 70 pesos.

Fro-Yo Craze Cebu City
The lady vendor ready to give my petite yogurt.

Fro-Yo Craze Cebu City
My yogurt with mango, peach and Oreo toppings.

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