SM City Cebu

My favorite all-time tambayan, suroyanan, hideaway. This is one of the reasons why I flunked some of my subjects in school! Haha, okay enough with the blame game. More »

Lapu-Lapu Shrine in Mactan

I and my friends went to Lapu-Lapu Shrine in Mactan, Cebu. Location and map of the Lapu-Lapu Shrine, just below this page. More »

Breakfast at Apurado

I had to try out Apurado. I don’t usually eat at malls because of the prices. I had to do it, so I can have something to write about in this blog. Haha. More »


Gimik Barkada KTV

If you were expecting a KTV with underdressed sexy women, well you go search again in Google :D. Gimik Barkada KTV is also a family music lounge. So basically, this place is for everyone.

My barkada went out to show off our singing voice, but only for us to hear though.

Gimik KTV
The Gimik Barkada KTV sign outside. This ktv joint is located in Mango Square Gen. Maxilom Avenue.

Gimik KTV Cebu
I personally don’t like their entrance, it’s so dark. Probably they’re cutting costs. 😀

Gimik KTV Cebu
The hallway, leading to the ktv rooms. We transferred to another room because of the smell of smoke left by those who first occupied.

Gimik KTV Cebu
Hey, I did not sing this song ha.

Gimik KTV Cebu
Ako ning barkada nag kanta.

Gimik KTV
After our singing session, this was past 10:00 pm na.

Overall, this ktv joint is good, not too expensive and not too cheap either. Just prepare about 500 pesos for the rest of your barkada.

Gimik KTV’s contact number is 032-2530129

Beware of this Airland Taxi driver!

A mate of mine from Manila, had this not so good experience with a taxi driver here in Cebu.

Hi everyone, if ever you find yourself in Cebu City and in need of a cab, stay away from AirLand Taxis.

I forgot to take my luggage from the trunk of the car when we got off since we were hurrying for a client meeting. I called up the taxi dispatch (number from the receipt) within 30 mins and when they contacted the driver (on the radio), he told them straight up that the luggage is no longer there. He even recognized us since he told the dispatch, “yung tagalog?”

How he figured out that the luggage, which was in the trunk, within seconds of being asked was no longer there is beyond me, considering he was driving at the time.

I told the dispatcher that the luggage had no valuables, only my clothes since I will be in the city for a good 3 days. Still, the driver was adamant that the luggage was not in his taxi.

After the second call, I no longer bothered to pursue it since it was obvious that the driver had no plans of returning my bag.

Airland Taxi
Plate number: GXL-781

If you happen to have a father, brother, or friend for a taxi driver plying around the streets of Cebu City, please do remind them to be good. Let’s show other Filipinos that we are not thieves.

Even share this link to them.

Who’s Slowly Killing the Cebuanos?

health cebu city

Why you should minimize your habit of smoking, drinking, and eating too much Cebu lechon or any unhealthy foods.

1 of 4 monthly deaths in Central Visayas due to cardiovascular disease

CEBU CITY — Cardiovascular disease is a “silent killer” responsible for one of four deaths in Central Visayas every month, according to the Department of Health (DOH) 7.

DOH 7 described cardiovascular disease as a “silent killer” because it strikes anyone who is not health-conscious.

But it said the disease is highly preventable.

Dr. Juditha Tawatao of DOH 7 said the best way to prevent heart disease is to avoid all factors that may cause it.

People who smoke, are overweight, are heavy drinkers, have high cholesterol level, and have a family history of the disease are most likely to have cardiovascular disease.

A proper diet and eating nutritious food help, Tawatao said.

She said those who constantly exercise and have a health lifestyle would be least likely to have the disease.

In 2011, heart ailments and other cardiovascular diseases topped the causes of death in Cebu City.

Dr. Stella Ygona, Cebu City health officer, said there were 874 reported deaths last year caused by cardiovascular diseases.

The most common cardiovascular disease is hypertension.

Last May 19, World Hypertension Day was marked to increase awareness about the said disease.

Source: Interaksyon

Ayala Center Cebu’s Spiral Stairs

Well, not really a full spiral stairs, I just lacked for words to call this part of Ayala Center Cebu.

This area of the mall is where I stay if I wait for somebody, a friend or aheem – date.

Ayala Center Cebu
With this shot, I waited for my male barkadas dili chick ha. 😀

Nice Mural Painting at Banilad

I always see this mural painting everytime I pass by this area in Banilad, near Metrobank. It’s time to take a photo of it.

mural painting banilad cebu city
I have no idea who painted this, probably made by a female artist.

mural painting banilad cebu city
Female artist named Mau?

mural painting banilad cebu city
With an alias of Karingkay Hardchick?

mural painting banilad cebu city
Beside the mural of Hardchick is this another beautifully done wall painting.

Breakfast at Apurado

I had to try out Apurado. I don’t usually eat at malls because of the prices. I had to do it, so I can have something to write about in this blog. Haha.

Apurado is located at Robinson’s, in the Jones Avenue side.

Apurado Cebu City
Apurado is just beside the Midtown / Robinson’s parking entrance.

Apurado Cebu City
This is their menu.

Apurado Cebu City
Barbecue pork and chicken.

Apurado Cebu City
I ate paliya and fried bangus. This is just below P50, cheaper than the combo meal which is P59.

Lami sa Bread and Butter

My first experience with Bread and Butter was in the 1990s in Banilad when they used to have a branch just outside Sto. Niño Village.

Then it got renewed when they have a branch in Mandaue City. Every time I go to work in Lapu-Lapu in the morning, I drop by to buy my favorite hotdog bread.

Bread and Butter Cebu City
This branch is located in corner Gorordo Avenue and Escario Street.

Bread and Butter Cebu City
This branch is located in corner Gorordo Avenue and Escario.

Bread and Butter Cebu City
Their other breads are also equally tasty. Be sure to try it out if you have not eaten there yet.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site

I went to a friend’s house located in Capitol Site to borrow a camera lens.

Going to Capitol Site, one has to take OPRRA bound jeepney, or simply when you see a number 15 , that’s going to OPRRA.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
The crossing, the Villalon street sign. The steel fence is part of Cebu Provincial Capitol premises.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
OPRRA bound jeepney. For easy spotting just remember the number 15 painted on all sides of the vehicles.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
Environmental inspired mural on the perimeter walls of Cebu Provincial Capitol.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
The curve part going to OPRRA.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
This is the area where my lives. This was taken in the morning. The photos below was taken in the afternoon after spending hours at my friend’s house.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
This is Our Lady of Fatima chapel.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
Further into the inner parts of Capitol Site.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
This jeepney is going to the Jones Avenue or Carbon market.


Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
These kids asked me to take photos of them.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
Arbee’s bakeshop. They have good tasting breads.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
The Capitol Site barangay (village) hall.

Lola Eats in Guadalupe

I ate past lunch, probably around 1:30pm. I decided to try this carenderia or could be categorized as low end restaurant.

Lola Eats Guadalupe Cebu City
Lola Eats Food House is located in M. Velez St. in Guadalupe. Getting here is easy, just ride a Banawa or Guadalupe bound jeepney.

Telephone number: (032) 254-8431, (032) 344 0387.

Lola Eats Guadalupe Cebu City
The dining area. I like it, not too cramp, not too spacious either. The chairs are of good quality.

Lola Eats Guadalupe Cebu City
Grilled chicken wings.

Lola Eats Guadalupe Cebu City
Lots of food to choose from.

Lola Eats Guadalupe Cebu City

This is just below 60 pesos. Two barbecues, one banana, one bottled water and one cup rice. The soup is free.

What’s my  verdict? I only ate barbecue, but the taste was just okay.

Thirsty? Juices and Shakes

This Thirsty? cart is located inside Ayala Center Cebu, in the second level, me thinks.

Me and my friends used to plan of getting a Thirsty? franchise more than 10 years ago. The last time we heard, the franchise fee was about 150,000. The original owner of the business also was the Osmeñas, forgot which clan.


Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
I’m a fan of Thirsty. Whenever I’m in Manila or go back home to my hometown in Iligan, I make sure to sip a Thirsty shake.

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
I always get the regular size (45) cup.

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
Shot from the bench I was sitting on.

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
Here is my Thirsty? shake!

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
Apples and oranges.

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
They also have shakes for the health freak.

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
The prices of the shakes are too steep for me, that’s why I seldom get one, I think I only tried it once. Maybe I’ll get one once in a while, because of its health benefits.