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Ayala Center Cebu’s Spiral Stairs

Well, not really a full spiral stairs, I just lacked for words to call this part of Ayala Center Cebu.

This area of the mall is where I stay if I wait for somebody, a friend or aheem – date.

Ayala Center Cebu
With this shot, I waited for my male barkadas dili chick ha. 😀

Ayala Terraces at Daytime

This was my first photo of Ayala Center Cebu’s “Terraces” taken at daytime. I have set of photos of Ayala Terraces taken last year.

Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu

Night shots of Ayala Center Cebu‘s Terraces. This is where fine dining and affordable restaurants,  and bars could be found. I like going here at night. Although, daytime also looks cool. I might take photos taken during day time.