Request to Shoot Page

You missed your home, your town, your city, your favorite place? Anything you missed back in Cebu. I will shoot them for you. With my my camera that is. I will gladly accommodate all of your requests for FREE. It will take time, but I will. Please note, privately owned guarded villages is not an…

One Oasis Mabolo

This is a guest post request by one of the readers of No fees was paid for this article. In today’s fast paced world, we seek haven where we can rest – the refuge of a lush oasis to relax in as we leave the day’s work behind. One Oasis Mabolo, Cebu, the newest…

Video of SRP Tunnel or Subway

Video of South Road Properties Tunnel or Subway. Credits to ronksa1971. The tunnel was temporarily opened, and will be closed again. I’ve read in the forums that it will be reopened on November, not entirely sure about this.

Cebu Normal University Mural

I was planning to go to Robinson’s in the Uptown area. I was walking in an alley going towards Pelaez St., and when i was there, I saw the mural paintings that adorned the fences of Cebu Normal University. I did not pass up the chance to record the work of art, so i had…

Colon Street

Colon Street, the oldest street in the Philippines. Sorry, just few photos, it’s not easy taking photos in the Colon area. This was taken during Christmas. According to the plaque plastered in one of the building in the historic street:

Labangon Streets

Updated: Added about 13 or so photos I was riding a friend’s van, so i grabbed the chance to take photos of the streets of Labangon. It’s not easy taking pictures especially if i don’t have my own car, a photographer is vulnerable to thieves and snatchers.