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Studio 108 Fitness and Wellness Center

studio 108 yoga cebu

Simply called Studio 108 is a newly opened yoga and fitness center in Cebu.

This wellness center is a baby conceived by Anne Dala, who is passionate about yoga, healthy and organic diet, inner peace, charity works and all in between.

studio 108 cebu

They not only offer yoga, but also other fitness regimens such as ‪taichi‬, ‪zumba‬, ‪aikido‬, hula fitness, and detoxification (diet).

The prices are affordable
Getting fit and healthy need not be expensive. They have a group of 4 promo. Just contact them for the rates or prices.
studio 108 prices and packages

Studio 108 is open seven days a week, you would not miss a day in your path to a healthy lifestyle.

Studio 108 is located in:
2F Paseo Arcenas Building
Banawa, Cebu City, Philippines

You can call them through the following numbers:
511-3642 / 0943-818-7783

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Cebu City Aerial View in 1938

This aerial view of our beloved Cebu City was taken before World War II in 1938.

I hope I could ride a chopper or airplane or make that buy my own helicopter or airplane and take photos of Cebu City in a similar view hahaha.

Giligan’s Island Unfair Rule

Was at Giligan’s Island in The Terrraces in Ayala with friends. I really liked their food. I first tasted their food in Manila.

While waiting for our food, i saw the the sign below. Then when I looked outside, i saw two white foreigners drinking liquor and the other one wearing shorts. The tables outside are still part of Giligan’s Island.

Pari-an Heritage Park

Parian Park is basically a showcase of the heritage and rich history of Cebu City and Cebu Province.

I went here at about 6:30 in the morning, to avoid the bad elements that are present during rush hours, hehe.

Pardo Cebu City

The location of this set of photos were taken in the area of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish in Pardo, Cebu City. Full name of Pardo is “El Pardo” meaning grayish brown in Spanish.

Flame It Burgers and Sausages

Flame It Burgers and Sausages is probably the best-tasting burger in the Philippines and is found only in Cebu.

Jollibee, McDonalds, Burger King and Hotshots just would not cut it.

Camella Homes Talisay Cebu

A regular visitor of this site Richard Saceda requested me to take photos of Camella Homes in Talisay, unfortunately, i forgot to go to the “phase 2” area of Camella Homes. Ni adto lang ko thinking “basta Camella Homes, okay na ni” hahaha. Sorry Richard!

Lapu-Lapu Shrine Photos

I and my friends went to Lapu-Lapu Shrine in Mactan, Cebu. Location and map of the Lapu-Lapu Shrine, just below this page.