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Azkals to Visit Cebu this May

Cebuano football fans will rejoice especially the ladies. The Philippine Football Team or more popularly known as the Azkals will be coming here in Cebu City this May 24 to 31, 2011 as Cebu Daily News reported.

Their primary purpose is team building, but they will do light training. Not sure if this event is open to the public, but I sure hope so.

First in Cebu City

A number of products that is now being used in the Philippines was first conceived in Cebu City.

Cebu Towns now Cities

Supreme Court has announced recently that three towns in Cebu are now cities. The new cities are Bogo, Carcar and Naga.


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BRT in Cebu City

When I first found out that former mayor Tomas OsmeƱa prefers BRT over MRT/LRT. I frowned.

BRT is Bus Rapid Transit. “Buses” in the narrow streets of Cebu City?! My mind is thinking of Metro Manila’s streets filled with buses. Congested. The arrogant bus drivers.

I researched. I browsed Google for images. But it was the Youtube video that got me convinced that BRT is way better than Metro Manila’s LRT system.

In my observation, BRT is similar to LRT – the bus is connected to an electric cable at the top, but run on the ground, and not on a rail track. [Updated] I just found another video, buses in Brazil has no cable attached, it is like a normal bus, only longer.

According to the news article posted in the Inquirer, BRT is cheaper than MRT/LRT. It would cost 7$ M per kilometer to build, compared to LRT which is 32$ and 60$M per kilometer.

BRT would be constructed in major thoroughfares, and will have its own dedicated lanes. Small vehicles are not allowed in it.

South American countries innovated this, now US cities are copying it. Because it is effective in curbing traffic.

The project would start at the Bulacao to Talamban route, and would be practically completed by 2013 if everything goes according to plan.

Read Inquirer’s article.

Request to Shoot Page

You missed your home, your town, your city, your favorite place? Anything you missed back in Cebu. I will shoot them for you. With my my camera that is.

I will gladly accommodate all of your requests for FREE. It will take time, but I will.

Please note, privately owned guarded villages is not an easy place to shoot.

Post you requests in the Request page above.

Cebu City in the Top 5 Livable City in the Philippines

Cebu City in the Top Five Most Livable Highly Urbanized City in the Philippines. Well, that’s according to a writer Harold Geronimo from Manila Standard. Probably, just an opinion from a lifestyle columnist without a thorough survey, but the mere mention in itself is already a feat for Cebu City and the Cebuanos.

Winners of the Cebu 2010 Election

These are the winners of Cebu City and surrounding cities of the 2010 local elections.