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random cebu sinulog photos

Random Sinulog photos

Photos shot last Sinulog in January 17, 2016. This is my first Sinulog photos. If you want to see other Sinulog photos on this website, you can. Just click the Read More button to see bunch of photos.


Video: Crazy kids dancing during Sinulog

I chanced upon these kids dancing some weird form, some call this as “budots”.

Watch the video below:

cebu sinuloo people

Unique People during the Sinulog 2016

I’m not really interested in taking photos of the street dancers. Kung sa Cebuano pa, gas-gas na hehe.

What I did was take photos of unique and unusual people, well at least in my opinion. These people may not be unique for you. I only took a few since I also have other plans that day. But I hope to add more in the next Sinulog.

Wheelchair-accessible Taxi for Cebu?

A “wheelchair-accessible taxi” would be very helpful for people with disability here in our city.

In Australia, their government offers free permits to taxi owners who have a wheelchair-friendly taxi. We could also imitate that scheme, to encourage business owners to have this type of taxi.

SM City area is Flooded today

If you love your car, then it is best to avoid the SM City Cebu area in Mandaue City today.

In front of SM City and Sungold general merchandise.
SM City Cebu

Amphibious vehicles roaming the streets of Cebu!
SM Cebu

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site

I went to a friend’s house located in Capitol Site to borrow a camera lens.

Going to Capitol Site, one has to take OPRRA bound jeepney, or simply when you see a number 15 , that’s going to OPRRA.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
The crossing, the Villalon street sign. The steel fence is part of Cebu Provincial Capitol premises.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
OPRRA bound jeepney. For easy spotting just remember the number 15 painted on all sides of the vehicles.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
Environmental inspired mural on the perimeter walls of Cebu Provincial Capitol.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
The curve part going to OPRRA.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
This is the area where my lives. This was taken in the morning. The photos below was taken in the afternoon after spending hours at my friend’s house.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
This is Our Lady of Fatima chapel.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
Further into the inner parts of Capitol Site.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
This jeepney is going to the Jones Avenue or Carbon market.


Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
These kids asked me to take photos of them.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
Arbee’s bakeshop. They have good tasting breads.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
The Capitol Site barangay (village) hall.

Rizal Street, Ibabao, Mandaue City

This is a two year old video of Rizal Street, in Ibabao, Mandaue City. It takes forever uploading videos in Youtube that’s I seldom post videos. There are still a lot of videos in my drive. I need more patience hehe.

This video was shot early in the morning.

Rizal street is near Jollibee, Mandaue City Hall and the church.

Buenaventura Rodriguez

B. Rodriguez Cebu City

So the street B. Rodriguez was named after Buenaventura Rodriguez?

According to Cebuano Studies Center:

Buenaventura Rodriguez, a native of Cebu, was a renowned playwright, journalist, stage actor and a distinguished politician.

He was one of the more recognized dramatists in the Sugbuhanon dialect. He wrote the play, El Muñeco Roto which was performed by the Compañia de Zarzuela Española in 1915. A noted writer and politician from Cebu, Manuel Briones, believed that another play by Rodriguez entitled El Mal se Aprende was a spiritual event.

In 1937, Buenaventura Rodriguez was elected as governer of Cebu.

In 1940, his play La Adjusta Leja de la Vaguada was made into movie.

He was also recipient of the Premio Zobel in 1924 for his novel La Pugna.

Don Gil Garcia St. Guadalupe

Don Gil Garcia is located just beside and back of Provincial Cebu Capitol building.

I was looking for any information about Don Gil Garcia on the internet, but there is none. I think I should buy a book that solely talks about Cebu City and its people.

Gil Garcia Guadalupe Cebu City
The street sign of Don Gil Garcia Street.

Gil Garcia Guadalupe Cebu City
Drivers and passers by, enjoying their share of street food.

Gil Garcia Guadalupe Cebu City
At the mouth of Don Gil Garcia St., on my right is the gate of Capitol.

Gil Garcia Guadalupe Cebu City
Don Gil Garcia is mainly a residential area.

Gil Garcia Guadalupe Cebu City
Jeepneys and taxis park here, maybe because it’s not so crowded, and the presence of side-walk vendors.

Gil Garcia Guadalupe Cebu City
This residence was probably built during the 1970s.

Gil Garcia Guadalupe Cebu City
I stopped right here, I’m hesitant to shoot since it’s mostly residential area.

Location map of Don Gil Garcia Street:

View Larger Map

Stop Flyover

I really have no idea about the negative effects of having flyovers until I watched this video by Budoy of Jr. Kilat.

No to flyovers in Cebu City!