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ceburoad video

Video Road Trip from Junquera to SM City Cebu

This is not a dashcamera, hence the shaking in the video.

I rode a taxi and setup my Nikon D7000 DSLR camera, mounted it on a tripod. I started in Junquera street, heading to SM City Cebu to meet a friend and buy something for myself.

Watch the video below:

Video: Pelaez Corner Sanciangko St

Recorded at early morning around 7:30. At almost end of the video, a man was asking for my help.

random cebu sinulog photos

Random Sinulog photos

Photos shot last Sinulog in January 17, 2016. This is my first Sinulog photos. If you want to see other Sinulog photos on this website, you can. Just click the Read More button to see bunch of photos.

cebu sinuloo people

Unique People during the Sinulog 2016

I’m not really interested in taking photos of the street dancers. Kung sa Cebuano pa, gas-gas na hehe.

What I did was take photos of unique and unusual people, well at least in my opinion. These people may not be unique for you. I only took a few since I also have other plans that day. But I hope to add more in the next Sinulog.

deadly sinulog crowd

How to Survive the Deadly Sinulog Crowd

I’m not exaggerating. The Sinulog crowd in some areas especially in Mango Avenue could literally turn into a deadly stampede. It already happened, almost every Sinulog.

Although, I still have to hear a report of death, but some were hurt especially children.

Last January 17, I was in front of Robinsons in Mango, near the pedestrian overpass. People were pushing and pulling. I believe some people with crooked intentions deliberately do this either to pass through easily or

Bus Rapid Transit is Approved

The BRT system has been approved by the national government through National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), and bidding will take place in the second quarter of 2015 for potential contractors responsible for building the system.

The estimated cost of construction is P10.618-billion.


The Transportation Department said it is ready to bid out the P10.618-billion Cebu bus rapid transit system in the second quarter of 2015, after the mass transit project received the green light from the National Economic and Development Authority last week.

Cebu BRT, a project supported by the World Bank, involves the development of a dedicated bus way in Cebu that will serve over 330,000 passengers daily once it starts operations in 2015.

“We are pleased that we can now proceed with these projects. They will modernize our country’s transportation systems, and boost traveling convenience, safety, and efficiency for the people. Our hard work today will pay off tomorrow, which is why we now have to make sure that they will be bid out, awarded, and implemented at the soonest possible time,” Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya said over the weekend.

The proposed project in Cebu will be the first BRT system in the Philippines. It will run on a 23-kilometer corridor with 33 stations where 176 high-quality buses will be deployed through dedicated and exclusive bus-ways from Bulacao to Talamban, with a link to Cebu’s South Road Property.

The Transportation Department said a detailed engineering design was currently being prepared for Cebu BRT. It said bidding for construction would start in the second quarter next year.

The second phase involves the supervision of the transit way and the supporting infrastructure during the construction.

The BRT system, which has been successful in other parts of the world, entails a segregated lane for buses, controlled dispatching, priority in stoplight signaling, fixed stops and various technical components. Buses run on fixed schedules, providing riders with greater reliability, efficiency and convenience.

Cebu BRT will be patterned after the BRT systems in Bogota in Colombia, Curitiba in Brazil, Seoul in South Korea and Guangzhou in China.

Another project approved by Neda last week was the P4.107-billion Busuanga airport to support the booming tourism industry in Palawan. The Transportation Department said it would first bid out the detailed engineering and design component of the project in the third quarter, then the construction component in second quarter next year.

The other project was Light Rail Transit Line 2 operations and maintenance, a public-private partnership project for the 10- to 15-year concession to operate and maintain the LRT-2 system. It will include the current 13.8-kilometer line from Recto to Santolan, as well as the 4.19-kilometer extension to Masinag in Rizal.

The project is expected to result in higher performance standards, improving train availability and punctuality. It will also ensure better system preservation covering the tracks, train coaches and other facilities.

Sunstar Daily also has its report.

A.S. Fortuna Street

A.S. Fortuna is a connecting road between Mandaue City and Banila, Cebu City. It is approximately 3 kilometers long, as I based the length from the Google map.

Passing through this road should not be boring, lots of restaurants, shops, offices are located here.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
I started at Highway Mandaue. At the left, not seen is Jollibee.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
NDI Commercial Complex, office spaces and shops.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
New Star and Tulips.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Sunriser, a motorcycle store. Lots of bike stores in Mandaue City.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Some fence with a parked multicab at the side.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Arbee bakeshop, lots of branches are found all over Cebu City.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Edz Guitar Worshop, visit their site: http://edzguitarworkshop.com/

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
The gate of San Miguel Brewery.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
The fence of San Miguel.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Pag-Ibig Fund building, Mandaue branch.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Honda Cars showroom.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Subaru showroom.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Poker is managed by Metro Card Club. This place has been into several name and business change. It used to be a resto-bar.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
LH Prime Medical clinic is a diagnostic center. If you’re newly hired employee, you go to this place to have yourself checked.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Donewell is pest control company.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
First Surplus, seller of Korean made cars.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Sugbahan commercial building.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Hyundai Truck and Bus showroom.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
6R Mercantile, seller of construction vehicles.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Solid Gold is a warehouse for Asia Brewery products such as Beer na Beer.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Volvo showroom, managed by Pasajero Motors?

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Home Gallery, is a building and construction material store.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Stone Pro, a construction service company.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Phil-Am Outsourcing Solutions is an offshoring office. I think I used to apply here as webdesigner, but did not get the job.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Banilad Christian Fellowship, is also a bible college.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Cebu Home and Builders Centre, is a building materials store.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
The parking area of Home Builders.

AS Fortuna Mandaue Cebu
Wilkins Distelled Drinking Water warehouse.

Cebu City Subway Video

This is my own recorded video of SRP subway or tunnel. I’ve previously posted a similar CSCRP video, but it was made by another Youtube user.

CSCRP or Cebu South Coastal Road Project – This is a project of former mayor Tomas Osmena.