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Video: Pelaez Corner Sanciangko St

Recorded at early morning around 7:30. At almost end of the video, a man was asking for my help.

cebu sinulog 2016

Video: Sinulog Crowd in random areas in Cebu City

Sinulog crowd last January 17, shot randomly in different areas or streets of Cebu. It starts in Jones Avenue, then Fuente Osmeña, then Mango Avenue and Baseline, then back to Mango.

Watch it below.


Video: Crazy kids dancing during Sinulog

I chanced upon these kids dancing some weird form, some call this as “budots”.

Watch the video below:

Wheelchair-accessible Taxi for Cebu?

A “wheelchair-accessible taxi” would be very helpful for people with disability here in our city.

In Australia, their government offers free permits to taxi owners who have a wheelchair-friendly taxi. We could also imitate that scheme, to encourage business owners to have this type of taxi.

SM City area is Flooded today

If you love your car, then it is best to avoid the SM City Cebu area in Mandaue City today.

In front of SM City and Sungold general merchandise.
SM City Cebu

Amphibious vehicles roaming the streets of Cebu!
SM Cebu

Bus proposal for Cebu gains Support

Bus Rapid Transport Cebu City
Integrated Transport Planning Managing Director Colin Brader shows the flow of traffic around Fuente Osmeña once the Bus Rapid Transport system is in place. (Arni Aclao)

CEBU CITY — The Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system for this city is on its last two months of consultation before the feasibility study will be completed.

Colin Brader, the urban planner from Integrated Transport Planning, the consultancy firm for the BRT, told the Movement for Livable Cebu (MLC) that Osmeña Blvd. is the most feasible area for the system.

Brader made a presentation with MLC on Tuesday, following the group’s request that V. Rama be made the major street where the BRT will pass through.

Joel Lee of MLC explained that Osmeña Blvd. is a heritage and showcase area for Cebu City and that a mass transport system may destroy its view.

He cited as example the possibility that the view of the Capitol building facade might be blocked.

Brader showed MLC and a couple of other youth groups the difference between V. Rama and Osmeña Blvd. and the advantages of the latter.

For one, about 2,800 vehicles pass through Osmeña Blvd. compared to V. Rama’s 1,300. The latter is mostly residential while the former is more commercial.

MLC believes that because V. Rama is more of a residential area, then a good number of people will be serviced by the bus.

Brader, though, explained that it is not just about the starting point but also about the destination.

“The significance of Osmeña Blvd. is that it is a major destination,” he said.

The area also has the support of the barangay officials of Sambag I, Sambag II, Santa Cruz, San Antonio, Capitol Site and Camputhaw.

After consulting with MLC last Tuesday and the persons with disabilities last Monday, Brader and BRT point person Maricon Encabo of the Cebu City Government are set to consult the 14 barangays that will benefit from the project.

Brader said that so far, there has been no opposition to the program.

Another important reason why Osmeña Blvd. is a better option, he said, is that using it for the BRT can help revitalize the downtown area, with Citilink as the ferry point. People will get down at Citilink and ride jeepneys to the downtown area.

The BRT is planned to start in Bulacao through N. Bacalso then turn to Osmeña Blvd., pass through Escario St. and go straight to Talamban.

As the feasibility study is expected to be concluded by August, a detailed design is expected to begin in October, to be completed in May.

The detailed design will provide the specifics of the BRT system like the road network, stops and intervals.

Proponents are aiming for an October 2013 start, and if all goes according to plan, the system may be operational by 2015.

Brader is just thankful that even if the political climate in Cebu City is heating up, the BRT system was never affected.

Brader started working on the BRT when Tomas Osmeña (now Cebu City, south district congressman) was mayor of the city three years ago. Now, he finds himself in close contact with Mayor Michael Rama or his representative for the smooth implementation of the project.

Brader said that Osmeña Blvd. also has wider roads compared to V. Rama and has a better transition road going to Escario St. compared to V. Rama’s M. Velez St.

Lee also asked how the project will affect the sidewalks along Osmeña Blvd. that have been improved by the Beautiful Cebu Movement Foundation Inc.

Brader did not totally discount V. Rama, saying, “Maybe it will be a good route in the future.”

By July, the BRT will have an exhibition in major malls in Cebu City so that regular people, those not attached to any organizations, can make their sentiments known on the BRT system.

Lee was satisfied with the explanation of Brader and commented that the BRT is a good project for Cebu City.

He also commended the massive consultation done by the Brader’s firm in coordination with the Cebu City Government, comparing it to the flyover projects that did not go through public consultation. (JGA/Sun.Star Cebu)

Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on June 20, 2012.

Beware of this Airland Taxi driver!

A mate of mine from Manila, had this not so good experience with a taxi driver here in Cebu.

Hi everyone, if ever you find yourself in Cebu City and in need of a cab, stay away from AirLand Taxis.

I forgot to take my luggage from the trunk of the car when we got off since we were hurrying for a client meeting. I called up the taxi dispatch (number from the receipt) within 30 mins and when they contacted the driver (on the radio), he told them straight up that the luggage is no longer there. He even recognized us since he told the dispatch, “yung tagalog?”

How he figured out that the luggage, which was in the trunk, within seconds of being asked was no longer there is beyond me, considering he was driving at the time.

I told the dispatcher that the luggage had no valuables, only my clothes since I will be in the city for a good 3 days. Still, the driver was adamant that the luggage was not in his taxi.

After the second call, I no longer bothered to pursue it since it was obvious that the driver had no plans of returning my bag.

Airland Taxi
Plate number: GXL-781

If you happen to have a father, brother, or friend for a taxi driver plying around the streets of Cebu City, please do remind them to be good. Let’s show other Filipinos that we are not thieves.

Even share this link to them.

Nice Mural Painting at Banilad

I always see this mural painting everytime I pass by this area in Banilad, near Metrobank. It’s time to take a photo of it.

mural painting banilad cebu city
I have no idea who painted this, probably made by a female artist.

mural painting banilad cebu city
Female artist named Mau?

mural painting banilad cebu city
With an alias of Karingkay Hardchick?

mural painting banilad cebu city
Beside the mural of Hardchick is this another beautifully done wall painting.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site

I went to a friend’s house located in Capitol Site to borrow a camera lens.

Going to Capitol Site, one has to take OPRRA bound jeepney, or simply when you see a number 15 , that’s going to OPRRA.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
The crossing, the Villalon street sign. The steel fence is part of Cebu Provincial Capitol premises.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
OPRRA bound jeepney. For easy spotting just remember the number 15 painted on all sides of the vehicles.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
Environmental inspired mural on the perimeter walls of Cebu Provincial Capitol.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
The curve part going to OPRRA.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
This is the area where my lives. This was taken in the morning. The photos below was taken in the afternoon after spending hours at my friend’s house.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
This is Our Lady of Fatima chapel.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
Further into the inner parts of Capitol Site.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
This jeepney is going to the Jones Avenue or Carbon market.


Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
These kids asked me to take photos of them.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
Arbee’s bakeshop. They have good tasting breads.

Villalon Drive, Capitol Site Cebu City
The Capitol Site barangay (village) hall.

Rizal Street, Ibabao, Mandaue City

This is a two year old video of Rizal Street, in Ibabao, Mandaue City. It takes forever uploading videos in Youtube that’s I seldom post videos. There are still a lot of videos in my drive. I need more patience hehe.

This video was shot early in the morning.

Rizal street is near Jollibee, Mandaue City Hall and the church.