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ceburoad video

Video Road Trip from Junquera to SM City Cebu

This is not a dashcamera, hence the shaking in the video.

I rode a taxi and setup my Nikon D7000 DSLR camera, mounted it on a tripod. I started in Junquera street, heading to SM City Cebu to meet a friend and buy something for myself.

Watch the video below:


Video: Crazy kids dancing during Sinulog

I chanced upon these kids dancing some weird form, some call this as “budots”.

Watch the video below:

Rizal Street, Ibabao, Mandaue City

This is a two year old video of Rizal Street, in Ibabao, Mandaue City. It takes forever uploading videos in Youtube that’s I seldom post videos. There are still a lot of videos in my drive. I need more patience hehe.

This video was shot early in the morning.

Rizal street is near Jollibee, Mandaue City Hall and the church.

Oh Cebu Pagkatahum Mo Kaniadto

Feel nostalgic with this Cebuano melancholic song while watching the old photos about Cebu City.

The title of this post is based on the video posted by the original user, myaspa. I’m not sure if the title of this song “Oh Cebu Pagkatahum Mo Kaniadto”, probably it’s just the video.

Here is the lyrics of the song:

Pagkapait diay nga bation ning dughan
Diin ang gugma ta way kagawasan
Apan angkonon kong katungod sa paghalad
Halaran ko ikaw bisan sa damgo lang

Pagkatam-is unta nga bation
Kon wala pay utlanan ang gugma
Ang imong pahiyom magpabilin ning dughan
Handumon ko gayud, bisan sa damgo lang…

Video of Cebu Metro Cathedral

This video was actually taken earlier than the photos of Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral I posted on November 1.

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

Matahum nga Cebu

Matahum nga Cebu or “Beautiful Cebu” in English. I’m sure there are better English equivalent, hehe.

Latest song and video about Cebu City. I like the sound, it’s lively at the beginning and the words are personal. At the near end it gets slow, a bit melancholy, but the words are positive and it makes those far from Cebu miss the City even more, haha.

Standing at the Colonnade Mall in Colon Street

Standing just outside the entrance of Colonnade Mall in Colon Street. I was waiting for a jeep heading to SM City Cebu.

Colon Street is the oldest street in the Philippines.

Matud Nila with Cebu City Photos

Listen to this classic Cebuano song while watching Cebu City photos at the same time.

Video of Cebu’s Buildings and Skyscrapers

Video of photo collection of Cebu buildings and skyscrapers. Credits to the creator labadutok.

Cebu City Promotional Video For Investors

Let’s a break for a while.

Here is a promotional video i stumbled upon in Youtube, this is produced by Bigfoot. I used to work in Bigfoot as a web designer by the way.