Thirsty? Juices and Shakes

This Thirsty? cart is located inside Ayala Center Cebu, in the second level, me thinks.

Me and my friends used to plan of getting a Thirsty? franchise more than 10 years ago. The last time we heard, the franchise fee was about 150,000. The original owner of the business also was the Osmeñas, forgot which clan.


Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
I’m a fan of Thirsty. Whenever I’m in Manila or go back home to my hometown in Iligan, I make sure to sip a Thirsty shake.

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
I always get the regular size (45) cup.

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Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
Shot from the bench I was sitting on.

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
Here is my Thirsty? shake!

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
Apples and oranges.

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
They also have shakes for the health freak.

Thirsty Juices Shakes Cebu
The prices of the shakes are too steep for me, that’s why I seldom get one, I think I only tried it once. Maybe I’ll get one once in a while, because of its health benefits.

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3 Responses to Thirsty? Juices and Shakes

  1. Janette Canga says:

    Do you know Thristy Ayalas email address? Would like to invite them for our upcoming Country Fair. Hope to receive a response from you. Thanks

  2. Nems Saceda says:

    Boss, mura ug wala na ko kakita sa Thirsty Ayala kanang naa sa 2nd level… Wala na sad ko kita jud bisan asa sa ayala… or basin ako lang jud ang nagdanghag ug hanap na jud ang panan-aw hehehe…

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