Urgello Street Photos

I only have about five (6) photos of Urgello and also a video, but I still have to upload it on Youtube. It takes an hour to upload videos on Youtube.

Urgello is one of the first places I got to know since I first set foot the Cebu soil in 1990. The boy from Iligan City is going to study in the big city.

I instantly fell in love with Cebu since then.

Urgello – Jones Avenue. On the left is Banco De Oro.

Going down to Urgello, at the left is a restaurant.

Further down. The little sign at the right is Philippine Vineyard Christian School.

Asencion-Urgello corner.

The left side is an apartment. This used to be Y2K Internet Cafe about ten years ago.

Up ahead is Southwestern University. To the right is going to the inner Urgello area. I’m waiting for a jeepney to eat my lunch.

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