Beware of this Airland Taxi driver!

A mate of mine from Manila, had this not so good experience with a taxi driver here in Cebu.

Hi everyone, if ever you find yourself in Cebu City and in need of a cab, stay away from AirLand Taxis.

I forgot to take my luggage from the trunk of the car when we got off since we were hurrying for a client meeting. I called up the taxi dispatch (number from the receipt) within 30 mins and when they contacted the driver (on the radio), he told them straight up that the luggage is no longer there. He even recognized us since he told the dispatch, “yung tagalog?”

How he figured out that the luggage, which was in the trunk, within seconds of being asked was no longer there is beyond me, considering he was driving at the time.

I told the dispatcher that the luggage had no valuables, only my clothes since I will be in the city for a good 3 days. Still, the driver was adamant that the luggage was not in his taxi.

After the second call, I no longer bothered to pursue it since it was obvious that the driver had no plans of returning my bag.

Airland Taxi
Plate number: GXL-781

If you happen to have a father, brother, or friend for a taxi driver plying around the streets of Cebu City, please do remind them to be good. Let’s show other Filipinos that we are not thieves.

Even share this link to them.

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