Fat Cow Burgers

I’m really a burger addict, so everytime I see a new burger restaurant, I make sure I get to taste their burger.

I was with my four other friends , but they don’t like burgers, they’re not burger fans obviously. They just watched me ate alone hahaha. They were craving for a Thai food, I will blog on this later.

Fatcow Burgers and Malts is an American-inspired burger outlet, so expect an expensive priced burger. Good thing, the taste justifies the price.

I ordered the Double Patty + Double Cheese – P275.00. Their patty is fried, but still, it tastes good. I will definitely comeback for their burger.


This Fatcow’s menu. They have several choices of burger flavors.

For my drinks, I bought a bottle of water. When I comeback here, I would try their milkshake, as I read a good review about their shakes.

Fatcow is located in under the staircase on the left part of Banilad Town Center. BTC is located in Banilad.

They’re open from 11:00am to 12:00 midnight.

You may contact them through their cellphone number: +63 9152342333

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