University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus

I personally spent 7 years here in University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus as a B.S. Architecture student. Although, Architecture is only 5 years, but because I “liked” going to school, so I extended 2 years.

Everyone could get a bit of nostalgia everytime we see images of places we used to spend a lot time, and our school is one of those places.

The USC – Talamban Campus is 79 hectares in size, where Engineering, Architecture and Science courses are offered.


The University Seal got a few makeover. I can see a few changes since I left in 1997. Scientia (Science). Virtus (Virtue). Devotio (Devotion), this one is new to me. A new tagline inside a yellow ribbon that says “Witness to the Word”.


The entrance and exit for students and University employees.


The road used to be just rubble, limestone and mud, every student’s nightmare during wet season. Now, it looks good and comfortable to walk on.


Going to the dormitory.


To the left is a parking lot, and leftmost is the Talamban or Banilad road. Straight ahead is the old Engineering Building.


The twin basketball courts are now covered. During my time in the 1990s, it was all open.


The open-air canteen has been redesigned.


The first floor of the Engineering Building. To the right is the Cashier’s booth.


At the 5th floor of Engineering Building.


This was my favorite view while people watching. This used to be the main entrance for students and teachers.


Shortcut to portion in the old Science building.


Students walking along the corridors of the old Science building. This is where Pharmacy, Physics and Chemistry courses and classes are hold.


The University school services buses. In the background is the school dormitory buildings.


Philip van Engelen Building or the College of Arts and Sciences Building – this where Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Anthropology, Mathematics, Physics, Philosophy and Psychology are located.


The main entrance of Philip van Engelen Building.


Robert Hoeppner Building – this is where the School of Nursing is located, and other medical-related courses.


Michael Richartz Center – this is for Tourism students.


Josef Baumgartner Building
Josef Baumgartner Building – is a learning resource center, basically a library. Considered as the largest library in the Philippines. The named was named after an SVD priest.


School of Architecture and Fine Arts or SAFAD. Well, the name of the building already says its purpose.


The main entrance of SAFAD, the stairs leading up to the second floor, and to its right is the faculty office.


Good to see my school is becoming more into God’s word. The phrase “Witness to the Word” basically means, the believers of the Word must believe and act on what the Bible says. Word is also equated to as Jesus himself as John 1 says.


Just to try it out, I rode the USC passenger multicab.

The craving to stroll around USC – TC was satisfied, but I missed it even more.

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