CebuCity.org is a collection of photos taken with Nikon camera. I started with Nikon D40, now I use D7000. The subjects here are mostly buildings, scenery, objects and people but mostly me. I just don’t publish photos of other people without their permission. I respect other people’s right to privacy.

The man behind this is called Cebuano, just call me with that. It’s music to my ears. I’ve been living in Cebu since 1990, and loving this beautiful queen city ever since.

The photos marked with CebuCity.org at the bottom right corner are free to use for whatever purpose as long as it’s positive. Please read the Terms of Use for more details.

If you have photos you would like to submit here, i will gladly accept them. Although not all photos are accepted. Make your photos be a five year old kid friendly and i will accept them regardless of its quality. Basta about Cebu, even if it’s too dark, or too blurry, i will post them here. Please read the Contribute page for more information.

So stick around for awhile and comeback weekly, hopefully you’ll see new photos uploaded.

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  1. My husband was assigned in cebu and he fell deeply in love, we were about to settle there this march and your photos have been very helpful to me , I can get a glimpse of what is waiting for me there in cebu city, so far I think I’m gonna like it…Thanks a lot.

    • Marlyn – Your husband is not alone. Freddie Roach instantly fell in love with Cebu when he first set foot i think in 2008 to oversee Pacman’s training. He thought of putting up a business. We will have to see if this would come true.

      Bigoot (www.bigfoot.com) owner and internet pioneer Mike Gleissner, a former German national also had the same experience. He now owns several businesses and structures around Cebu island. He is now a naturalized Filipino.

  2. halo good evening maam/sir, I just asking if ok ra ba mg pakasal dha,, taga pardo ku,, but wa ku kahibaw pila ng bayad,, pls I need your reply if you can thank and more power our church here,, YOUR BLESSED

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